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Duncan Crowley
2 min readMar 16, 2022


Irish & Portuguese developing a conversation together.

Irish minister Ossian Smyth TD planting spuds in Oeiras International School in Lisbon (Source: OIS)

Lovely to see stronger links forming between Portugal and Ireland this week. As part of the #patricksday goings on, Irish ministers go to various countries of the world to meet and greet. But thanks to a series of factors, our #GAA club was able to help bring the Irish minister Ossian Smyth TD from the Green Party Ireland to the amazing school where we play football every Saturday, Oeiras International School (OIS), who are based in the Barcarena neighbourhood, a few km inland from Caxias.

Yesterday in OIS, Minister Smyth and other eco leaders from the greater Lisbon area participated in the “Learning for Sustainability” event. Before the round-table discussion, Minister Smyth planted some potatoes in the schools organic garden. These spuds will eventually go out to neighbouring families in the valley.

Big thanks to the Irish embassy in Portugal for doing a lot of the background work to make this event happen, while also organising last Sundays fantastic cultural fest in Lisbon. In these strange and challenging times, the #GlobalGreening of lighting up buildings green will not happen, but hopefully our little conversation and spud (potato) planting ceremony in OIS can open a new chapter for the ‘green isle’ of Ireland.

Aim high, onward and upward…
Hon OIS, Hon Lisbon, Hon Ireland, Hon the planet

“Learning for Sustainability” — Participants at OIS’s round table event (Source: OIS)
Minister Smyth and Irish ambassador Victory meet OIS’s farm animals (Source: OIS)
“Learning for Sustainability” — St Patricks week celebrations, Portugal (Source: OIS)
Lia Pizzuti outlining her vision for a sustainable just future (Source: OIS)
Learning for Sustainability (Source: OIS)



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